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Although we are a couple of people who love tattoo but we have really got into tattoo business after we both being infected by HBV contracting from tattoos we’ve done in a tattoo shop in bali. After that we then felt that we got to find a way to be able to meet as many artists as we can to then urge them to work hygienically. Therefore we decided to do a tattoo supply business. We started to establish our venture at the end of year 2005. In year 2006 we officially started with the name of INFINITY SUPPLY for our venture. Back at that time our business was only selling tattoo aftercare.

Based on thought of the difficulties that people have to face to import tattoo supplies, then we thought we would try to help our artist friends. Later we found it was difficult to do. Most tattoo manufacturers/distributors would reject us due to the record that our countrymen has made. Our country ranks among the highest in credit card fraudulent in terms of transaction over the internet. Thank God a few of foreign suppliers (our principals now) had given us their trust eventually then we slowly gained our reputation as a trading business and more manufacturers/distributors now trust their distribution channel to us for Indonesia market. Thank you to our loyal & valued customers too which put their trust to us to serve their needs.

We are not a big company, we prefer not to call company but rather a small shop. We would rather keep the organization slim in order to react & adapt quicker.

By the time we expanded our catalog list of items then we also changed our name from Infinity Supplies into PLENOX Tattoo Supply. That was about a year after we started by the name of Infinity Supply.
We constantly put a lot of effort to be the front runner in the supply business in our country and to be there to serve all your needs. Therefore if you, our valued customers, have comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to tell us. Send us e-mail, call us or meet us directly and tell what you are thinking of what and how we do things. Your comments or suggestions will definitely improve our business in one way or another.
Finally we should say “Enjoy your visit in our website and thank you for sharing your valuable moments with us”.

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